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3 ways to look for hidden assets during divorce

Because contention and arguments during your marriage may have been a leading cause in your filing for divorce, you may have concerns that your legal proceedings will prove just as tense. Unfortunately, many individuals face such circumstances, and you may need to take some extra time to ensure that you handle your case properly. If rushed, you may end up with outcomes that prove detrimental.

One particular area about which you may have concerns relates to property division. If you experienced a lack of trust in your marital relationship, you may wonder whether your soon-to-be ex-spouse could try to hide assets during the legal proceedings. You have every right to have such concerns, and luckily, you can take steps to look for undisclosed property.

Looking for assets

Several different techniques could help you search for assets. Some of those actions include:

  • Comparing pay stubs and bank statements: Your spouse will likely need to provide bank statements in order to disclose his or her assets. However, by comparing his or her pay stubs to those bank statements, you may have the ability to ensure that the amount of income earned matches that deposited into the account. If you determine that he or she made more income than deposited, the chance exists that he or she had another bank account or set aside cash.
  • Obtaining employment documents: Because many workers have benefits packages provided by their employers, you may want to obtain such information from your spouse's employer. By doing so, you may discover stock options or deferred compensation plans that your spouse did not disclose.
  • Utilizing a deposition: When going through a deposition, your spouse goes under oath in order to answer divorce-related questions. During this time, it may prove prudent to ask about the existence of undisclosed financial accounts or other assets.

By taking these or other useful steps, you may feel more confident in knowing that all assets have been discovered. If you rely solely on information provided by your spouse, you may miss out on assets to which you have a financial claim.

Gaining assistance

Because the worry of hidden assets may cause you considerable stress, you may not feel confident in your abilities to discover undisclosed property. Luckily, you could enlist the assistance of a legal professional in order to work toward finding out such necessary information. Dealing with complex divorce matters such as this can seem overwhelming, but by taking the time to address your concerns, you may find yourself gaining benefits.

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