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3 high-conflict personality traits that may impact your divorce

Most California residents know someone who has a high-conflict personality. In your case, you may have married someone with this type of personality. As a result, your marriage may have faced many difficulties that you struggled to handle due to your spouse's contentious nature. Now that you face divorce, you may wonder how you will get through the legal proceedings ahead.

When someone has a high-conflict personality, he or she tends to make any situation harder than necessary. Unfortunately, having such a factor in divorce may cause the process to draw out longer than hoped, and coming to any decision may seem impossible. If you know how your soon-to-be ex-spouse may attempt to cause conflict, you may have a better chance of handling it effectively.


Many people who enjoy conflict tend to escalate situations by yelling. This aspect can often prove difficult to deal with as individuals who raise their voices make it harder for others to be heard. Of course, this outcome tends to act as their desired goal. If your spouse begins yelling when discussing divorce issues, the best course of action may simply involve your walking away from the conversation for that time.


Your spouse may take another conflict-causing approach by completely ignoring your attempts to resolve a divorce issue. Stonewalling may make your spouse feel as if he or she has control over the situation because proceedings cannot move forward until he or she responds. However, if you take your divorce case to court, your spouse could face negative repercussions if he or she does not show up as needed or respond to court orders.

Acting confused

Your spouse could even take the approach of acting confused or surprised when you point out negative behaviors or bring up his or her actions during divorce proceedings. He or she may question every point you make in hopes of discrediting you and frustrating you until you give up. Remembering that he or she knows that you speak the truth may help you better navigate such tactics.

How can you protect yourself?

If you know that your spouse will attempt to make divorce proceedings purposefully difficult, you may want to prepare ahead of time as best as possible. By understanding your legal options and the various ways you could approach your case, you may find the method that best works for your circumstances. Utilizing local legal resources may help you gain reliable information.

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