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How an attorney can help control the costs of your divorce

Divorce isn't assumed to be an easy or inexpensive process, but there are ways to keep the costs from escalating too much or too quickly. While some people think it will be less expensive to do it themselves, they may quickly find that they and their spouse fight over property division, child support, and other factors, and that takes time and money to address.

Dividing assets like retirement accounts or a home can be difficult, as well, and there are generally arguments regarding how to handle those types of items properly. With an experienced attorney on your side, you may be able to avoid some of the higher costs of divorce. 

Division of property can be difficult to agree on

One of the biggest issues that come into play during a divorce is the division of property. When people have assets they naturally want to protect those assets from the property division process. During a divorce, agreeing to share certain assets while protecting others can become cause for fighting and disagreements. That slows down the process and brings a lot of stress and anxiety into the picture. When emotions flare it is more difficult to process things logically, which can also lead to a reduction in agreement between spouses and a divorce that takes longer to settle.

A home and retirement accounts are valuable assets

While there are many different types of property that have to be divided and accounted for, retirement accounts and the home that was shared by the spouses are generally two of the largest and most contentious. Any spouse who is being asked to give part of their retirement to the spouse they are divorcing will usually not agree to that. Additionally, if one spouse paid significantly more toward the purchase of the home, that spouse may not feel comfortable selling the home and splitting the profits, or taking what amounts to 50% of the home's value as a buy-out if they do not reside in the home any longer.

Hiring an attorney can make divorce less expensive

Making the process easier and faster can actually reduce the total costs of the divorce. The hiring of an attorney can also shorten the time that is required to complete the divorce in some cases, so both spouses are able to move forward with their lives. Your lawyer can help you sort through the concerns you have over your divorce and the assets you want to protect, so you and your spouse can reach an agreement and settle your case faster. That can save both time and money. 

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