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When you can't see the light at the end of your divorce

Divorce is seldom easy, but many couples find that the pain and betrayal of a divorce eventually fades away, and the former partners can tolerate one another and even remain friends. However, you may expect this will not be the case with your divorce.

Perhaps you are already experiencing venom from your spouse, and divorce proceedings are already dragging on longer than you anticipated. By now, you certainly wanted to be moving on and settling into your new life, but your spouse is making it impossible.

3 high-conflict personality traits that may impact your divorce

Most California residents know someone who has a high-conflict personality. In your case, you may have married someone with this type of personality. As a result, your marriage may have faced many difficulties that you struggled to handle due to your spouse's contentious nature. Now that you face divorce, you may wonder how you will get through the legal proceedings ahead.

When someone has a high-conflict personality, he or she tends to make any situation harder than necessary. Unfortunately, having such a factor in divorce may cause the process to draw out longer than hoped, and coming to any decision may seem impossible. If you know how your soon-to-be ex-spouse may attempt to cause conflict, you may have a better chance of handling it effectively.

3 ways to look for hidden assets during divorce

Because contention and arguments during your marriage may have been a leading cause in your filing for divorce, you may have concerns that your legal proceedings will prove just as tense. Unfortunately, many individuals face such circumstances, and you may need to take some extra time to ensure that you handle your case properly. If rushed, you may end up with outcomes that prove detrimental.

One particular area about which you may have concerns relates to property division. If you experienced a lack of trust in your marital relationship, you may wonder whether your soon-to-be ex-spouse could try to hide assets during the legal proceedings. You have every right to have such concerns, and luckily, you can take steps to look for undisclosed property.

Headed for a high asset divorce? Here's how you can prepare.

Divorce is a complex, potentially contentious process, and if you are facing that legal step, you would be wise to prepare for what is ahead. This is particularly important if yours will be a high asset divorce, as those can present unusual and complicated financial and legal challenges. Fortunately, there are ways that you can alleviate some of the strain of this process.

Preparation can be a key to effectively navigating a California divorce. Instead of waiting to see what will happen, you should be proactive in protecting your financial interests. A high asset divorce can be difficult, but it is possible to seek and secure a stable future after the process is final.

Paying or receiving alimony? Protect yourself from being cheated

When divorce in California is inevitable, one of the biggest causes of divorce — money — continues to be a problem during the divorce proceeding as well. For example, especially in a high-asset divorce, you and your spouse may be arguing over how to divide your community property. However, another common area of contention is spousal support, or alimony.

Alimony is designed to ensure that the spouse who earned less or who did not earn anything during the marriage continues to receive income. After all, one spouse might have agreed to give up a career to take care of the children. Receiving financial support may buy this spouse some time to develop job skills and become self-sufficient following divorce.

How do we go about splitting up our community property?

When you get married, you typically commingle your assets with your spouse. Therefore, determining who really owns what becomes blurry. Although this is not an issue in a happy marriage where both spouses are okay with sharing their resources, it can become a major problem following a divorce filing.

Items that you have accumulated with your spouse during the course of a marriage are considered marital property, or in California, community property. Dividing this property can be emotionally and financially overwhelming, especially if they are high-value assets. However, understanding your state's laws on community property can help with navigating this process.

Should child support orders change with your circumstances?

The end of a marriage does not guarantee the end of financial changes in your life. In fact, your financial circumstances could continue to change, even years after your divorce is final. In some cases, the changes are significant enough to impact your ability to pay child support, as ordered, or adequately care for your children on the amount of support you currently receive. 

Fortunately, California law allows for the modification of child support orders in certain situations. If your situation meets the requirements, you can walk through a legal process to have your current support amount either decreased or increased as needed.

Preparing for divorce is just smart business

What happens to your business if your marriage ends? The sooner you ask this question, the more options you have regarding protecting your business in a divorce. No one likes to think they will become a statistic, but the fact remains that a high percentage of first marriages, and an even higher percentage of subsequent marriages, end in divorce.

Be on guard for financial foul-play in divorce

Did you ever imagine you'd one day be looking at the person you married as an opposition to your goals? Going through divorce is never easy, and any sort of less-than-ethical behavior from a soon-to-be former spouse is enough to cause tremendous stress and significant delays in the process. If you also happen to suspect that things don't seem quite right where finances and assets are concerned, it can make an already difficult situation all-the-more challenging.

Understand separate, marital property before your divorce

When you married, you likely expected the relationship with your spouse to last a lifetime. However, you -- like many others -- may have found yourself facing marriage issues that have proven insurmountable. As a result, the decision to divorce likely occurred, and you may now find yourself worrying about how your property division proceedings will play out, especially in your high-asset situation.

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