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Divorce is a highly personal issue. The process creates fear and uncertainty during tumultuous times. Yet, decisions must be made. Sometimes, spouses are not in the best position to make good decisions. A husband or wife prone to violence may take things to a violent level, requiring protection from a California court.

Family law attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist (by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization), Yolanda V. Torres fights to protect abuse victims from further physical assaults. The founder of The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, also advocates for those falsely accused of domestic violence.

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Restraining orders in California can take various forms, protecting individuals against civil harassment, dependent adult abuse or workplace violence. In the area of divorce and family law, domestic violence restraining orders are needed to provide protection from an allegedly abusive spouse.

Emergency protective orders (EPOs) are pursued when the responding police officer believes that imminent danger of domestic violence exists. Temporary restraining orders (TROs) are similar, but last longer than EPOs. Hearings for either order are scheduled prior to their expiration.

The issuance of a permanent restraining order (PRO) can last up to three years. The court may grant an extension if necessary after a hearing is held.

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Violations of restraining orders issued by a judge with the defendant's knowledge carry serious consequences. Based on the number of violations, the penalties can range from a sentence in county jail to state prison and significant fines.

However, not all violations are intentional. Yolanda V. Torres also represents clients who lacked knowledge of or did not attempt to violate the order.

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