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As an experienced divorce attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist, Yolanda V. Torres understands time is not always of the essence in the pursuit of emergency orders. However, specific situations do exist where immediate action must be taken.

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Emergency orders are filed for the following reasons:

  • Temporary orders on an emergency basis are an option for victims of domestic violence. Valid until a full hearing is held, testimony and evidence are provided for the court to grant or deny the order. Legal help to respond to these serious allegations must be immediate and aggressive. Your side of the story must be told and evidence must be provided to dispute a restraining order.
  • Divorced parents who suspect abuse of their child can file to become primary caretakers. As with anything involving children, the court protects the best interests of children as it is related to their health, safety, education and general welfare.
  • In divorce, the status quo of the marital lifestyle must be preserved. Immediate orders for child support and alimony are an option. Determining income for business owners and self-employed professionals and not W-2 wage earners presents challenges involving hidden income.
  • Conversely, a spouse not providing court-mandated child support must be held responsible for falling behind or not making payments. An emergency order is only the beginning of the dire consequences they face.
  • Property orders are pursued to stop spouses from transferring, hiding or disposing of marital assets, and to obtain temporary use, possession and control of the spouse's real or personal property. In certain situations, the court can mandate the sale of property based on certain conditions.

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