Spousal Support/Alimony

Life, unlike a divorce, is never finalized. Significant changes in circumstances, for instance, may mean that the alimony in your divorce case needs to be changed. Perhaps your ex-spouse has remarried with an accompanying increase in income.

In these situations, though, complicated legal factors make it difficult for anybody to understand how exactly to change the amount of alimony. Do not make the mistake of attempting to navigate this deceptively complicated area of law yourself. Instead, let Certified Family Law Specialist attorney Yolanda V. Torres do it for you.

Certified Family Law Specialist: Alimony Attorney Representing Costa Mesa Area Clients

Attorney Yolanda V. Torres is designated as a Certified Family Law Specialists by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. To gain this designation, Ms. Torres has met three criteria, among them:

  • Trial experience in various areas of family law
  • Held in high esteem by peers
  • Favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges

Ms. Torres regularly provides her clients with advice responsive to the way law is practiced locally. As a result of years of practicing law, Ms. Torres can advise her clients as to how a given judge or opposing counsel may view the case and what legal arguments may be more successful than others. When a life-changing matter such as alimony is at stake, clients want this kind of specific advice that is tailored to their specific situation.

Spousal Maintenance Lawyer Accepting Cases From Entire Huntington Beach Region

To schedule an initial consultationwith a spousal support attorney representing Huntington Beach area clients, please call attorney Yolanda V. Torres' California law firm: 657-210-0691. You can also schedule a completely discreet and entirely confidential appointment with Ms. Torres by contacting her firm online.

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