Child Support

Many people are surprised to learn that child support is actually the result of a very complicated set of calculations that are set out by state statute. Unfortunately, just because these numbers are set by law does not mean that they are easy to understand or apply.

Serious mistakes made by people representing themselves often result in expensive corrections. Worse, people have allowed themselves to be misled by attorneys representing the ex-spouses. In these situations, clients many times do not understand that they have far more legal options than they were lead to believe.

Certified Family Law Specialist: Child Support Modification Lawyer

These mistakes are not necessary. Let Certified Family Law Specialist attorney Yolanda V. Torres guide you through the child support enforcement or the child support modification process. Ms. Torres ensures that you are informed of all your legal options so that you can make your own decisions as to your legal future.

In gaining certification as a Family Law Specialist, Ms. Torres has met three criteria:

  • Trial experience in various areas of family law
  • Held in high esteem by peers
  • Favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges

Child Support Modifications Attorney: Serving Costa Mesa And Huntington Beach Regions

To schedule an initial consultationwith Huntington Beach child support attorney Yolanda V. Torres, call: 657-210-0691. You can also make an appointment for a completely discreet and entirely confidential meeting with Ms. Torres by contacting her online.

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