Attorney Yolanda V. Torres helps mothers and fathers alike enforce paternity rights and obligations. For mothers, the court's declaration of paternity allows the mother to seek and enforce child support obligations against the father. For fathers, this legal declaration of paternity recognizes rights that the father may now enforce legally: visitation rights, custody rights and more.

Certified Family Law Specialist: Mothers' And Fathers' Rights Attorney For Costa Mesa Clients

With more and more couples seeking cohabitation instead of legal marriage, paternity rights are gaining a new focus, both for women and for men. For this reason alone, you want an attorney who remains informed about the most recent developments in family law. Better, you want an attorney who can tell you the direction the law is moving.

Recognized as a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, Attorney Yolanda V. Torres has set herself apart. This certification means that Ms. Torres has met a number of requirements:

  • Trial experience in various areas of family law
  • Held in high esteem by peers
  • Favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges

Further, Ms. Torres practices out of a small boutique firm to provide her clients with better accessibility to her services on an ongoing basis. Clients do not have to fight through a wall of law firm bureaucracy just to speak to Ms. Torres. Ms. Torres works with her clients personally to tailor the legal options she provides to the specific needs of your case.

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If you are in the situation in which your right to love your child is being ignored, Ms. Torres' firm may be able to help you enforce that right legally through paternity proceedings. Please call Certified Family Law Specialist attorney Yolanda V. Torres at 657-210-0691 to schedule an initial consultation. You can also make an appointment by contacting her California office online. All discussions are entirely confidential and completely discreet.

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