Life continues after a divorce and circumstances often change. Former spouses find new jobs making more money, jobs are lost and other financial realities shift, many times making the terms of a divorce in need of being modified. In these situations, Certified Family Law Specialist attorney Yolanda V. Torres has assisted her clients on a number of occasions to successfully petition the court for a modified order of child support, custody, visitation, or even of spousal support and alimony.

With her many years of experience practicing in this locality, Ms. Torres understands how the law is actually practiced and how other attorneys and judges may view a case like yours. She can give you the insightful advice you need to ensure that your modification is presented to the court properly.

Instead of making the mistake of trying to perform this complicated modification process yourself, see Ms. Torres first. She will save you the extra fees that are often incurred when clients have to pay to have their first effort corrected. If you have already made this mistake, come and see Ms. Torres so she can provide you with cost-effective solutions to repair your case and to set your matter on the right track with the court.

Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney For Modifying Custody Orders: Costa Mesa And Surrounding Areas

As a  Certified Family Law Specialists by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, attorney Yolanda V. Torres has met the following criteria:

  • Trial experience in various areas of family law
  • Held in high esteem by peers
  • Favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges

Ms. Torres works with her clients on an individual basis to tailor the legal options she provides to the specific needs of your case. Further, Ms. Torres practices out of a small boutique firm to provide her clients with better accessibility to her services on an ongoing basis. Clients do not have to fight through a wall of law firm bureaucracy just to speak to Ms. Torres.

Contact A Lawyer Experienced In Parental Relocations And Other Family Law Matters

Sometimes people need to move. Perhaps a job changes after a divorce is finalized and one parent needs to relocate to a far away location, say from Huntington Beach to Seattle. Because this affects the other parent's access to the child, court permission is required before the parent can move the child to Seattle.

To discuss your matter with an experienced modification attorney serving Huntington Beach and all surrounding areas, call Ms. Torres at 657-210-0691 to make an appointment for an initial consultation. You can also contact Ms. Torres online to schedule a completely confidential and entirely discreet meeting with her California firm.

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