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Misconceptions exist about divorce, specifically the advantage that mothers of children have in custody and support issues. While times have changed, outdated views still exist as to the post-divorce role of the father. Today, the courts recognize the equal value of both parents in continuing relationships with children after a marriage has ended.

While California divorce lawyer Yolanda V. Torres represents both sides in her practice of divorce and high-asset marital dissolution. She understands the challenges that fathers face in the following:

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All divorce-related decisions that affect children must be in their best interests. Fathers have seen their role in their children's lives expanded. In many cases, they enjoy shared and even sole custody depending on their specific situations.

In spite of progress and changing attitudes, uphill battles still exist in the role of fathers following a divorce. As lives move on, new relationships bloom and employment opportunities arise. If those life-altering changes involve the mother of the children moving to a different state, a father faces a long-term absence, if not alienation from his children.

Any move involving a significant interest must be for a valid reason and in the best interests of the children. Fathers who have a history of playing an active role in the lives of their children are entitled to have their voice heard in relocation proceedings. If the move is court-approved, changes in custody could involve more long-term stays over holidays and summer breaks.

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