What Is Open Adoption?

"It takes a village to raise a child," is an oft-used phrase that applies to adoptions where the identity of the biological parents is open and accessible to children. These open adoptions represent a wonderful opportunity for children to have more loved ones in their lives. Biological parents serve as de facto uncles and aunts, and maintain contact as sons and daughters grow up.

At The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, we want adoptive parents to know that they still possess all the legal rights of parentage. However, the biological families have the option to initiate contact through various means, including online chats, emails or face-to-face visits.

The Options Birth And Adoptive Parents Have In Open Adoptions

Adoptions were once closed so that families to maintain the illusion that their children were linked to them biologically. In the early 20th century, open adoptions came into prominence to reduce the number of children parents could support properly and an opportunity to provide help to another family.

Today, open adoptions start with the expectant mother, with the birth father's consent, selecting the adoptive parents through an agency that brings together parties with different needs, but similar goals. If both parties live close to each other, the adoptive parents can experience the anticipation of becoming a parent and even serve as labor coaches.

Some birth mothers and fathers who get to know an adoptive family feels confident enough in the placement of the child to end all contact and minimize future emotional difficulties. Others receive periodic correspondence such as pictures and written updates.

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