Termination Of Parental Rights In Orange County

The most emotionally difficult and legally challenging aspect of an adoption is the termination of parental rights. California courts are not quick to strip rights away from a mother or father. They take the time they need in their decision-making. Significant consideration is given, and certain facts must be proven.

Regardless of which side she is representing, Yolanda V. Torres serves as a dedicated and diligent advocate for her clients dealing with life-changing and highly personal legal matters. Ms. Torres' focus is on protecting the rights of her clients while looking out for the best interests of children often placed in the middle of these complex legal matters.

The Need For A Costa Mesa Family Law Attorney When Parental Rights Are At Stake

In establishing abandonment, an attorney must show that an absentee parent has left the child in the care of the other parent without any communication or any type of emotional or financial support. If the abandonment is shown to be intentional and lasts one year or more, the relationship between the absentee parent and his or her offspring could be considered not in the best interests of the child.

From there, parental rights can be terminated and an adoption can proceed.

The legal impact on a child must be considered, especially when disputes arise. Sons and daughters who endured the end of their parents' marriage are now enduring legal proceedings between their parents. If the disputes are not resolved, a mediator will make recommendations to a judge, effectively taking an important decision away from those affected by it most.

The founder of The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, helps her clients make good decisions and strives to steer them toward the best interests of the child. Ms. Torres' caring and compassionate nature combined with her legal skills and savvy have resulted in satisfactory outcomes that are in the best interests of all parties involved.

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