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Stepparent adoption can be one of the more rewarding areas of family law. However, when a biological parent is disputing the legal action, dedicated and diligent legal counsel is needed. Orange County family law attorney Yolanda V. Torres is caring and compassionate while possessing the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful stepparent adoption.

The best interests of children are ideally served when they have two loving parents who nurture and support them. Parents lacking a biological link do not minimize the significance of their role in the life of a child. The process of stepparent adoption merely formalizes the relationship.

A Costa Mesa Adoption Lawyer Focuses On The Best Interests Of Children

From the initial home visit to the formalization of the adoption, Yolanda V. Torres remains at your side throughout the complex legal proceedings and the emotional "ups" and "downs." The founder of our firm is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, a designation afforded to a select few attorneys.

Some biological parents do not play an active role in raising their children. Many have little, if any contact. However, their absence should not deny sons and daughters from having two parents in their lives.

For the adoption to move forward, biological parents must provide their consent by signing a formal document terminating their parental rights. However, biological parents often refuse to sign a consent form, making the process more difficult. However, Yolanda V. Torres will face all the challenges on your behalf, specifically representing the child's best interests at a hearing to terminate parental rights.

Upon approval of the stepparent adoption, the adopting parent has a duty to support the child and possess rights to custody and visitation.

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