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The initial decision to adopt a child is only the beginning of a lengthy, complicated and extremely rewarding process. Choosing the type of adoption is the next step. Many prospective parents prefer to go outside the standard adoption agency model. They want to play a more active role that private adoption provides, specifically the selection of the birth mother.

Private (also known as independent) adoptions requires the help of a lawyer who understands the complexities involved and, if the birth mother and adopted child are out of state, knowledge of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

An Accomplished And Caring Costa Mesa Independent Adoption Attorney

Yolanda V. Torres is a Certified Family Law Specialist (by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). Combined with her professional accomplishments is her caring and compassionate nature in looking out for the best interests of Orange County residents.

From the moment you retain Yolanda V. Torres, she will put your mind at ease. She understands that while private adoption is a legal proceeding, emotional elements will come into play. Ms. Torres will work hard to establish a strong relationship and build trust. She understands the significance of the life-changing event and will employ all of her resources and adhere to all applicable state laws until the adoption is finalized.

The founder of The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, will also counsel you throughout every step, starting with the identification of a birth mother through the Internet, advertising or networking.

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For help with a private or independent adoption, contact The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, at 657-210-0691. You can also reach us through our online intake form to schedule a completely an initial and entirely discreet initial consultation.

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