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Adoptions contested by biological parents are rife with legal complexities and highly personal disputes. At The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, we represent both adoptive and biological parents in contested adoption actions.

A Costa Mesa Family Law Attorney Helping Area Residents With Adoptions

Unwed fathers have a say in the adoption of their children. Certified Family Law Specialist (by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization) Yolanda V. Torres takes proactive measures to preserve parental rights, including:

  • Signing the birth certificate after the child is born
  • Formally acknowledging paternity
  • Economic support to pay for child-related expenses
  • Maintaining a relationship with a child through regular visits

Representing Both Sides In California Contested Adoptions

Before any adoption can take place, voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights must occur. When consent to the adoption is not provided, proof must exist that the parents relinquished their rights, abandoned the child or failed to build a relationship or provide support.

Fathers who receive the adoption petition or read a notification in a newspaper need immediate legal representation to formally object to the petition and appear at a consent hearing and possible best interest hearing. Those pursuing adoption must prove that a father is unfit or lacks parental rights. They also need to show that the best interests of the child are served with a stable and permanent family relationship.

A caring and compassionate legal advocate is vital in contested adoption cases. The founder of The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC, also possesses the skills and resources our clients need when the stakes are high. One side will have a formal relationship with the child while the other loses something considered precious to any parent.

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