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Should child support orders change with your circumstances?

The end of a marriage does not guarantee the end of financial changes in your life. In fact, your financial circumstances could continue to change, even years after your divorce is final. In some cases, the changes are significant enough to impact your ability to pay child support, as ordered, or adequately care for your children on the amount of support you currently receive. 

Fortunately, California law allows for the modification of child support orders in certain situations. If your situation meets the requirements, you can walk through a legal process to have your current support amount either decreased or increased as needed.

Preparing for divorce is just smart business

What happens to your business if your marriage ends? The sooner you ask this question, the more options you have regarding protecting your business in a divorce. No one likes to think they will become a statistic, but the fact remains that a high percentage of first marriages, and an even higher percentage of subsequent marriages, end in divorce.

Be on guard for financial foul-play in divorce

Did you ever imagine you'd one day be looking at the person you married as an opposition to your goals? Going through divorce is never easy, and any sort of less-than-ethical behavior from a soon-to-be former spouse is enough to cause tremendous stress and significant delays in the process. If you also happen to suspect that things don't seem quite right where finances and assets are concerned, it can make an already difficult situation all-the-more challenging.

Understand separate, marital property before your divorce

When you married, you likely expected the relationship with your spouse to last a lifetime. However, you -- like many others -- may have found yourself facing marriage issues that have proven insurmountable. As a result, the decision to divorce likely occurred, and you may now find yourself worrying about how your property division proceedings will play out, especially in your high-asset situation.

Is your prenuptial agreement really valid?

More couples are signing prenuptial agreements, especially if one or both parties bring significant assets to the marriage. If you were one of those couples, and you are now facing a divorce, it might a good idea to review the agreement to be sure that it is actually valid.

The basics of property division in California

While most people do not get married anticipating a divorce, the truth is that some marriages simply do not work out. The question of what will happen to the property you shared with your spouse during the marriage can be one of the most contentious aspects to any divorce process.

Especially in a high-asset divorce, you want to ensure that you receive the property to which you are entitled after you and your spouse have parted. Accordingly, you need to understand the basics of property division in California.

A breakdown of California custody arrangements

You've heard the terms regularly but never paid real attention because it wasn't relevant to your own life. Now, with a divorce looming, it's time for a primer on what the different forms of custody really mean.

A divorce is never easy but sometimes it's the best thing for everyone involved. How you work through the divorce settlement and custody situation will affect you, your spouse and, most importantly, your kids for the rest of your lives.

Considering a divorce? Secure your financial future

When we say "I do", the thought that we may one day say "I can't do this any longer" may seem unimaginable. Yet the possibility of divorce is an unfortunate reality for countless couples and when this possibility becomes a reality, we may not consider the need to protect ourselves and our financial future. Regardless if we are anticipating a divorce on amicable terms, or one that is likely to involve a certain degree of conflict, the thought of our financial security needs to be at the forefront. 

How divorce can impact your credit

Many people do not realize how significantly their credit can be damaged by a divorce. They are often surprised by the how much their financial situation changes after ending their marriage. They have to make extreme adjustments to their standard of living in order to continue to make ends meet.

If you are struggling financially, over time, this can have a negative effect upon your credit. This can make it very difficult for you to be able to start over once the divorce is officially final. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to ensure that your credit will not be adversely impact by a divorce.

How an attorney can help control the costs of your divorce

Divorce isn't assumed to be an easy or inexpensive process, but there are ways to keep the costs from escalating too much or too quickly. While some people think it will be less expensive to do it themselves, they may quickly find that they and their spouse fight over property division, child support, and other factors, and that takes time and money to address.

Dividing assets like retirement accounts or a home can be difficult, as well, and there are generally arguments regarding how to handle those types of items properly. With an experienced attorney on your side, you may be able to avoid some of the higher costs of divorce. 

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